About Kim Wendelin


Paint, Pencil, and Printmaking

 I have drawn and painted since childhood, where I analyzed the natural world by recreating it on paper.  I continued this exploration of the world through my pencils and brushes into high school and college, where I learned woodblock printing and received a BA in Studio Arts. 


My main painting medium is watercolor, and I specialize in Victorian-style miniature landscapes. I was the 1999 Gold Grant Award winner for the Northwest Watercolor Society and have been a member of the Cider Painters of America miniature watercolor society for over 20 years.


Garment and Costume Design and Construction

 My fiber arts education began with needle and thread at the age of three, sewing small pillows.  I was sewing my own clothes throughout middle and high school, and have sewn everything from swimwear to fully-boned formal wear.  


Knitting, Spinning, and Crochet

 Though I first learned to knit when I was seven, I recently re-taught myself the skill and have quickly expanded my skills in this area to expert-level advanced knitting. 

Most recently, I have added wheel- and hand-spinning yarn and crocheting to my repertoire of skills.  I look forward to seeing the creative avenues these new skill will provide.