Fiber Arts



Custom-fit Knitted Garments

Given the measurements of an individual and one's desired fit, I can create a garment that is unique for you.

Do you have a custom image you would like on a garment?  I can design custom colorwork for you as well.  

Repairs and Alterations

Did your favorite garment get a snag or run?  

Did you fall in love with a sweater, but the sleeves are too long?  

Do you need the sides of a sweater need to be taken in?

Did you discover a hole in a knitted garment when you pulled it out of the closet?

I can help you with these repairs and alterations.  Please note that the smaller the yarn, the more labor is required, and the price will reflect this.

I will do my best to match fiber, weight, and color of areas which need to be re-knit, but due to the nature of dye lots and yarn availability, the match may not be perfect.

Skills Include

  • Superfine to Bulky
  • Sweaters
  • Mittens/Gloves
  • Cables
  • Lace
  • Double Knitting
  • Colorwork