Pencil, Ink, Paint, and Print

Pencil and Ink

The most direct transfer of creativity to paper

 Pencil and paper.  The tools are simple, but the results can be spectacular. 

I love the simplicity of drawing.  It is where I began, and it is a great way to examine the details and shapes of the world around me, stripped of color, just simplified to shapes, textures and grayscale values.



Specializing in miniature watercolors in the Victorian tradition

 Not all my paintings are tiny, but I do love to work with small details. Miniatures are ideal for small spaces, like a small office or motorhome, or clustered together in a larger grouping.

When viewing my painting portfolio, please take note of the painting dimensions.  Most computer displays will show the miniatures magnified far larger than their actual size.

I work primarily in transparent watercolor, but prefer to saturate and layer my colors to get a more true-to-life representation, rather than use a more traditional watercolor style.



Woodblock and relief printing

 Printing is a departure from my usual direct transfer of ideas from a thought to a product.

Woodblock printing is the most accessible and simple form of printing; no special equipment nor chemicals are required.  Carve, then print.

I learned woodblock printing when I was studying in Japan. I use my personal hanko, or signature stamp, for my printmaking projects.  It reminds me of my printmaking instructor every time I sign my work.

I began printing my own holiday cards and decided this was a tradition I wanted to continue. I have not printed a new design every year, but I have been trying to.