Catalog of Services

Custom Tailoring


Garments sewn to your measurements for a great fit.  Sewn with care and attention with quality materials.

Bespoke Knitwear


Custom-knit items in quality materials of your specification.  I will work with you to design your ideal sweater or accessory.

Commissioned Drawings and Paintings


See my portfolio for examples of my artistic style and general subjects.

Costume Design and Construction


Costume design and construction with a custom pattern and full consultation with the client

Garment Repair and Tailoring


Do you need some pants hemmed?  A bodice brought in for a better fit? Did the strap on the bag you bought on your trip abroad come unsewn?  I can help!  Please contact me for prices.

Repair and Alterations of Knit Garments


Did you snag your favorite shawl?  Are there holes in the elbows of the sweater you wear all the time?  I can work with you to save your beloved garment and extend its life for years to come.